Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana's Lynnette Shaw on Fox Business News Tonight


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"Lynnette Shaw, medical cannabis expert and owner of the now closed Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana (MAMM) will be a featured guest on Fox Business News' "The John Stossel Show," scheduled to air tonight, March 22nd, 9 p.m. (EST.) Shaw was forced to close her dispensary in December because of the DOJ's threatening letters to her landlord. "For fifteen years Shaw operated in compliance with local regulations, with no problems or complaints, and with the support of the mayor and city council," the press release states:

"In October 2011 Fox Business News came to Fairfax and filmed on premise at MAMM all day after the Obama DOJ threatened the landlord with forfeiture in order to shut down MAMM. Those reports were aired live to a nationwide audience. Last week Stossel's crew again contacted Shaw with an offer to fly her to New York City to film a follow up to the aftermath of the heavy handed shut down of her facility.

She will be discussing the widespread medical crisis that hundreds, if not thousands, of her patient-members are experiencing since the shutdown. Overloaded public health services and packed emergency rooms are a direct result of the lack of safe, permitted access in Marin County.

Closing the dispensary also caused an instant problem of fraudulent dope peddlers claiming to be working for Lynnette Shaw, using her sterling reputation to entice patients to buy their unregulated, untested and inferior marijuana on the street corners of Fairfax, as well as all over Marin County. She is pursuing legal action to stop the identity theft.

The Town of Fairfax has also been devastated financially since the closure of the Marin Alliance on December 17th. The MAMM sales tax contribution was in the top-three income stream for Fairfax for fifteen years.

The segment will be aired on Fox Business News at 9 pm on Thursday, March 22nd, and re-broadcast on Fox News over the weekend of March 24th and 25th."