Lyrics Born: Hip-Hop Genius or Emo Suck-Beast?



Everyone loves Lyrics Born - except the people who have to stroke his ego like the whiny little diva he is. That's according to Randy Castello, the booking agent for the Atlanta club Drunken Unicorn. Atlanta's alt-weekly Creative Loafing asked him to list the five most annoying acts he's ever worked with, and the East Bay hip-hopster is right up there at Number Two, next to the rap crew who snuck seventy friends into the club (and then bitched about how slim their take was at the end of the night) and the tour manager who tried to light Castello's hair on fire. Money quote: "It always seems like an underground hip-hop artist ... requires the promoter of the club to hold his hand like a child during a production. I'm not exactly sure why this trend is prevalent among this particular genre, but Lyrics Born is a prime example. ... He required so much attention from me that before the show even started I was physically drained."