Lovelle Mixon's Mom Won't Sue Oakland



Chip Johnson has an odd column this morning. After Lovelle Mixon started the shootout that left himself and four police officers dead, local lawyer Christopher Morray-Jones called Mixon's grandmother and talked about the possibility of suing the city. (Mixon's sister Reynete was caught in the apartment when the police stormed it and began the last leg of the tragedy.) The Mixons didn't want to sue, but agreed to let him file a preliminary claim, just in case they changed their minds. Now the press has got wind of it, and the Mixons face public outrage over the chutzpah of suing the city whose officers Lovelle had murdered. And they never wanted to, fully aware of the pain Lovelle caused so many. It's a sad, awkward little epilogue to one of the city's most tragic stories.