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Lost Love

Sanjay Vora, William Schwob, Rosella Scapini at Vessel Gallery.

To create his paintings, Sanjay Vora first depicts an image from his memory — a scene from a home movie or a recollection of a day on the beach as a child. Then, he covers the entire painting in a milky, white coating. And after that dries, he tediously punctures the foggy veil in tight rows, pulling out pieces across the entire painting until the initial imagery shows through. Texturally, the result resembles knit-work, or a liquid, dripping pixilation. Affectively, it resembles the mental fog that settles on our experiences over time as we gradually forget the details and crisp outlines of our pasts. As Vora engages in the laborious process of unveiling his memories from the haze, he is enacting a metaphor for remembering. Many of Vora’s large-scale paintings are now on view at Vessel Gallery (471 25th St., Oakland) in the show Lost Love, which also features sculpture by William Schwob and Rosella Scapini.


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