Even the Los Angeles Times Likes NorCal Weed



From the LAT: "I put everything into this ... When you're a grower, you're in a cave mostly. I'm like a monk," says San Francisco "Master Breeder" "Nova".

We hope Nova's not putting everything into it when he's Master Breeding alone in a cave, like a monk.

Jesus, the Los Angeles Times' Joe Mozingo really dug in with "Big Wes", "Wally", "Nova" and the gang in this wide-eyed, March 25th piece on the state of professional cannabis cultivators. Mozingo proves more curious than critical, which is refreshing for a mainstream publication.

"[Nova] takes a minimalist approach to growing. If he has a mite problem, he uses predator mites to get rid of them, not pesticides. He doesn't put extra carbon dioxide in the room, as do many growers. And he tapers down the fertilizer a month before harvest to flush the ...." Ooh, look, a slideshow!

Guys, I dont think its ready yet
  • Genaro Molina / LAT
  • Guys, I don't think it's ready yet