Los Angeles Times Discovers Oakland



The turf war is over, guys. Los Angeles Times just discovered this quaint little Northern California hamlet called Oakland, and guess what? It's thoroughly modern! Reporter Irene Lechowitzky marvels at how the 56-mile East Bay city isn't just a cauldron of vice, as previously thought. Nor is it a cauldron of Raider fans. To the writer's surprise, it's actually a destination location — for refugees from high-rent San Francisco, at least. And maybe even for Los Angelinos. Lechowitzky proceeds with a cheery travelogue that lists off Oakland's many amenities, including new restaurants, Art Deco architecture, and "cheek-to-cheek condos." The Fox gets immortalized as a "1928 Moorish gem." Rockridge is noted for having "charming houses on leafy streets," and also a BART station. Lake Chalet offers cocktails on a patio that overlooks crystalline Lake Merritt, Oakland's main aquatic feature. There's even this cool "eclectic main drag" called College Avenue. Et voila.