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Lonely Circus

When: Aug. 7-Sept. 7 2019

James Shefik’s meticulous, surrealist mixed-media sculptures critique militarism, capitalism, and our consumer culture (or cult). Their impeccable craftsmanship reflects his career in fabricating props and sets for movies, where mistakes can be magnified to wall size. Given the time, space and materials commitments required for sculpture, however, it’s understandable that Shefik has taken a different tack: intuitively assembling small configurations of seemingly random materials (animal crackers, ear plug, fig jam), and photographing the resultant oddments. “My usual art is a laborious affair, with most pieces taking ... 3 weeks to 3 months... I took some of the interesting leavings from my studio and made 4 to 6 new small works per night ... keeping the pieces spontaneous.” Lonely Circus (with its ironic, abject title) presents four of these wryly humorous (e.g., “Tinnitus,” “Unpresidented”) bricolage ‘sketches.’

DeWitt Cheng

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