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This week, we review Krob, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, and Street Eaters.



Krob, krob EP 1, krob EP 2

Add Krob to the ever-increasing list of Seventies-inspired, instrumental, heavy rock bands. The only information available about the newly renamed Krob is that it used to be called Eidolon Noise, which was also an instrumental jam band. The thirteen songs that make up krob EP 1 and krob EP 2 contain plenty of guitar solos, noodling-style improvisation, and melodic builds, but it's more doom metal than, say, Phish. The two EPs end up being a playful exploration of the guitar and its various sounds — from thrash to psychedelic — and a love of the instrument is a prerequisite to enjoying them. (self-released)

Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, Trainwreck to Narnia

Absurdist rockers Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits go for the obvious jokes on their latest album, Trainwreck to Narnia — including songs about poo, baked beans, and being broke — but the music is surprisingly solid. The dog shit-rhyming chorus of "Blues Turn Brown" is as sticky as an old Tom Petty song (pun intended), and the ditty "My Darling Boo" could be the showstopper in a vaudeville revue — if the show was about falling in love with a mannequin. My threshold for this type of music started and ended with Ween, but Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits have the musical ability to make the comedy part tolerable. (Rooftop Comedy Records)

At Art Beat Foundation (477 25th St., Oakland) on Saturday, Jan. 19. 9 p.m., $7, $15. 

Street Eaters, Street Eaters

The lo-fi spirit of Nineties indie rock is very much alive in Street Eaters' debut album. The duo's guy-and-girl, call-and-response-style vocals are reminiscent of Sonic Youth; Megan March's off-key cries recall the riot grrrl movement; and the band's quick punk drumming and fuzzy bass lines sound like they were recorded in a cave. While the raw production begins to wear after awhile, overall, it works. (self-released)

At The Knockout (3223 Mission St., San Francisco) on Thursday, Jan. 17. 9 p.m., $7.