Local Gas Stations Cut Prices by Offering Vegetarian Fuel


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Once again Americans are getting hit at the gas tank, with the average price of gas rising to $3.75 for regular, or $4 for premium fuel. Ouch. But, as KTVU News reports, some East Bay gas stations found a way to soften the blow. A 76 station in Berkeley and Chevron station in Oakland now offer Propel fuel, an 80 percent ethanol, high-octane blend that costs roughly 50 cents less per gallon than regular gas. Propel also distributes biodiesel — a mix of vegetable oil and tallow that's oft-described as "vegetarian fuel" — for $4.25 a gallon. Unfortunately, not everyone can partake of the biofuel revolution. Only some cars are ethanol fuel-compatible — 56 new models qualify, according to KTVU health and science editor John Fowler. Nonetheless, the proliferation of alternative fuel bodes well for motorists in Oakland. As more people convert to eco-friendly engines, we'll be able to promote new technologies, and even source our fuel locally. Who knows? We might even stave off the end of the world.