Local Artists & Musicians Seek a Kick-start



Kickerstarter.com is a web site that allows independent musicians, artists, writers, and other creative folk to fund-raise for specific projects. And a bunch of Bay Area artists are using the site to help realize their dreams — from San Francisco singer-songwriter Lia Rose (Built for the Sea) trying to raise $10,000 to record her solo debut album (she’s raised $3,600 so far) to Oaklander Alice Tong seeking $6,000 for her band to go on tour (Tong’s CD release party happens May 29 at the Hotel Utah; she needs another $4,200). Other projects are smaller, and only seek a few hundred or thousand dollars. In exchange, donors often get specialized incentives (such as a copy of the final product), or just the gratification that they’ve contributed to a cool project — like a 2.5-ton musical instrument that breathes fire.