Liz Figueroa, a Tax Delinquent?


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Alameda County supervisor candidate Nadia Lockyer had a rough week. But with one week to go until the June 8 primary, it's now her opponent, former state Senator Liz Figueroa, who is feeling the heat. Lockyer made a series of peculiar gaffes last week, in addition to being the subject of a series of stories in the San Francisco Chronicle questioning her incorrect use of the title “deputy district attorney” in campaign literature and on her website. Now, Lockyer is alleging Figueroa owes over $12,000 in delinquent taxes to the counties of Alameda and San Mateo. Figueroa told Ronn Owens on KGO radio that she is “current” with her tax bill, but not so says the Lockyer campaign which has proof it still exists.

Figueroa may also have additional problems with her voter registration. Figueroa listed her Sunol home as her voting address, except the house is draped in a blue tarp with appliances strewn outside due to a tree falling on the property. The Lockyer campaign says the house is uninhabitable and is screaming voter fraud, and they’re inching close to alleging that Figueroa doesn’t even live in the county, but in Half Moon Bay, which would violate election law. A week ago Figueroa said she was aware of Lockyer’s knowledge of the dilapidated Sunol home and said she lives at another property in Sunol.

To make this election story even more bizarre, Figueroa says she has been routinely followed, she thinks, by her opponents to see where she is living. Figueroa has had tax troubles in the past that have become campaign fodder. When current Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney ran against Figueroa for state senate in 1998, his campaign made light of tax liens against Figueroa, except the gambit backfired when mailers arrived in voters’ mailboxes also disclosing Figueroa’s personal information. She beat Sweeney in the primary and won the Senate seat that November.