Listen to Robert Reich's Speech at Occupy Cal



Reich may be diminutive in stature, but his ideas are huge. The UC Berkeley public policy professor and former U.S. Secretary of Labor is famously outspoken on issues of wealth and poverty (he teaches a class with that very title, after all), and has a keenly activist bent on the subject. He gave a rousing speech last night, to rally the thousands of students, alumni, and other Occupiers stationed at Berkeley's Sproul Plaza, and you can hear the entire speech below, courtesy The Daily Californian.

Reich argues that maldistribution of economic clout results in unbalanced political power. This, he says, is why the whole 99 vs. one percent thing is such a problem; because it's causing the upset of American democracy. Now close your eyes and picture yourself at the foot of the "Mario Savio steps":

Robert Reich Speaks At Occupy Cal at UC Berkeley by The Daily Californian