Listen to NPR's 'Legalizing and Regulating Pot: A Growth Industry'



Make sure to check out NPR's big segment on 'Legalizing and Regulating Pot: A Growth Industry', which aired Tuesday.

The 43-minute segment chops it up with Newsweek reporter Tony Dokoupil, whose dad was a pot smuggler. Dokoupil wrote The New Pot Barons for Newsweek.

On the show, they talk about Colorado's tightly regulated medical cannabis system, which some would say is Orwellian overkill: "So in Colorado, the medical marijuana growers have to have 24-hour video of their operations, and that video is accessible by the state at any time — they can tap into it."

The state of Colorado also takes your picture every time you buy a sack, which is creepy.

One caveat to the NPR bit: Dokoupil repeatedly implies Mexican cartel weed is being sold in dispensaries. That's just ignorant. The cops say it's not true. Researchers say it's unture. The clubs say it defies logic. Mexican cartels grow commercial "ditch" weed in Mexico and sell it in non-medical states like Arkansas. Mexican outdoor brick weed simply cannot compete with the high-potency indoor cannabis medical growers produce.

We're talking about this:


Versus this:

Mexican commercial weed
  • Mexican "commercial" weed

It's no contest.