Listen: New Songs by SAFE, James Riotto, Weekend



SAFE — “Normal Needs”

Oakland's SAFE — aka Chris Edley — is set to release a new seven-inch on April 16 for Greedhead Music. On "Normal Needs," he takes a quiet approach: The minimal electronics, soft vocals, and simple sonic adornment make for a maximally enjoyable song.

James Riotto — “You Don’t Want Me”

San Francisco producer, composer, and recording engineer James Riotto announced the release of his End Of The World EP, due out April 27, and a release show with DRMS and Bells Atlas at Bottom of the Hill. These dreamy and atmospheric songs induce melancholy, followed almost immediately by the perverse euphoria of melancholy.

Weekend — “Mirror”

Brooklyn-by-way-of-the-Bay-Area band Weekend will release its anticipated sophomore album, Jinx, July 23 on Slumberland. On first single “Mirrors,” the lo-fi outfit sounds like it's sharpened its brand of shoegaze noise: a spacey synth intro with a reverb bass line to fill it out, explosive guitar paroxysms, and a chant of “I feel sick.” Still sounds like Weekend to me.