Lil B Drops Poignant Video for "No Black Person Is Ugly"


Yesterday, local rapper Lil B posted a new video to YouTube for the track "No Black Person Is Ugly," and asked if it's perhaps the "most powerful song of the decade?" Rap is fraught with hyperbole and self-aggrandizing, but Lil B's bold query is completely warranted. A winsome, beautiful track, "No Black Person Is Ugly" criticizes the portrayal of black people in the media, denounces urban violence, and resolves with the ecstatic declaration in its title. Watch the video after the jump.

Filmed in Oakland, the video depicts Lil B in De Lauer's newsstand downtown, mingling with people on San Pablo Avenue, and basking in the sun on the waterfront. In a break from the scattered, nonsensical flow that initially distinguished the artist, Lil B's verses actually rhyme here, though the chorus is characteristically idiosyncratic. Lil B has been relatively quiet lately, but the staggering effect of this single track will retain its emotive pull for at least the next ten years.