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Toni Hanna

When you consider the accidents that are possible with those refineries and other facilities so near, who would want to live there knowing that? The developers would have to deceive prospective buyers.

Ellen McCarthy

Thank you for the excellent article. Point Molate is a treasure worth saving for all people in Richmond, the Bay Area, and beyond to enjoy. I have spoken with hundreds of people at community events in Richmond and have yet to meet anyone who thinks that using this land for housing is a good idea. People who live in this gritty over urbanized part of the world need more contact with nature — our health depends on it. It is documented that construction and housing will damage the eelgrass beds. We need the eelgrass to thrive - we need the crabs and the fish . We need sports fields, we need hiking trails, we need an Ohlone cultural center, we do not need another high end housing development, we need BREATHING ROOM.

Tarnel Abbott

Besides the questions on fire safety, equity, and loss of habitat, we need an honest accounting of who benefits? Who profits? The city council easily came up with an analysis that it would cost Richmond $5 million per year to provide city services to North Richmond, and that property taxes would not cover the cost. Although we were promised a year ago that the city would provide an economic analysis of a development at Point Molate, nothing has been done to date. This is another bad deal for Richmond, similar to the sale of the Ford building. And similar to the choice of Veolia to run our sewer district. I am tired of a bunch of good old buddies, slapping each other's backs, and doing each other favors.


After slightly changing the language of the Pt. Molate closed-door settlement agreement, and getting the city council votes (4-3), the city's lawyers filed a "motion for judgment on the pleadings." They requested the court rule in their favor in the Brown Act lawsuit based on the city's defense without a hearing. The court denied the city's motion.

This is the city's third attempt to have the court dismiss the Brown Act lawsuit filed against them by SPRAWLDF, Citizens for Eastshore Parks and four Richmond residents, Paul, Carman, Toni Sustak, Jim Hanson and Pam Stello, for approving the settlement behind closed doors.

More taxpayer money wasted due to the direction of the city's legal staff and Mayor Butt and council members Choi, Bates and Johnson's support for the backroom agreement and its very costly and risky plan for Pt. Molate.

Please join us, the Pt. Molate Alliance,, in the fight against this backroom deal and for a legitimate public process and an open call for developers for this spectacular public resource.

If enough people speak out, the council can change course. They can renegotiate the settlement and hold a comprehensive and inclusive public process and open requests for development plans.

Please write to councilmembers Ben Choi, Demnlus Johnson, and Nat Bates and urge them to reject the backroom deal and the SunCal plan and renegotiate the settlement.

Please thank councilmembers Eduardo Martinez, Melvin Willis and Jael Myrick for standing up for Richmond, the environment, and Richmond families and youth today and future generations.

Questions? Follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you.

Pam Stello, Pt Molate Alliance Co-Chair

Tom Butt, like Donald Trump, believes if you repeat the same lies often enough people will accept them. Just one example - Butt asked the scientist who's been leading over a decade of peer-reviewed studies of Point Molate's eelgrass beds if this housing development would impact their health, telling her he thought it would improve them. When she told him it could damage or destroy the eelgrass beds he turned away and walked off. When I wrote about the threat to the eelgrass in Bay Nature he called it "Junk Science" and his son took to social media to call it "Fake News." Butt continues to ignore the science and claim the housing tract's water treatment will improve the eelgrass. That's why the Estuary and Ocean Science Center, the major marine science lab on SF Bay, the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations, the largest commercial fishing organization on the West Coast, and others have joined the Point Molate Alliance in opposing this bad deal for Richmond, the eelgrass and the health of SF Bay.

David Helvarg


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