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And someone who lives at a minimum of three miles away is complaining of the smell? I live within that range, and I gotta tell ya, I have NEVER known it was even there!

Somethings smells here. ... And I don't think it's the foundry.

Bruce Ferrell

Oakland Wrestles With Bewildering Pot-Tax Proposals, Chronic Town, Oct. 30

It All Starts With Employee Benefits

Oakland painted itself into a fiscal corner through years of promising employees retirement benefits without funding them. Now when our local economy is booming we should be sitting pretty. Instead, City Hall is having to make many decisions based on how much revenue something will generate. That influences every decision from development approvals to marijuana taxes.

Still, it was nice to dream that we could grow our way out of our fiscal problems like SF.

Len Raphael

Lucinda Williams, Never Too Late, Music, Oct. 30

Lucinda Brings Me Joy

Love Lucinda Williams. Hate that she's been negatively branded as a "perfectionist" — shouldn't we celebrate an artist's own high standards for their work? Yes, we should.

Jono Schneider

What Color Is Fire? Feature, Nov. 6

Really Poor Timing

Look, I'm sure there are diversity problems in the fire department just like almost any department. I'm a woman, I'm Asian, and no this isn't news. But for you to put a spotlight on this issue (esp about a postcard from February?) in the VERY WAKE of another massive California fire where people are absolutely depending on these people to save their lives and homes, actually made me pretty sick to my stomach. Really poor timing. Not even conclusive or solutions-oriented. Didn't even interview any of the minority firemen about their thoughts. I was honestly really surprised to find this on your front page.


Content of your character, not the color of your skin. Let me see, who said that? How often so many people have forgotten what Dr. King admonished. This article should investigate whether or not the hiring criteria are biased. Do we not want the most highly qualified people to become firefighters, without regard to the color or the skin, ethnic origin, etc.? This article has a particular point of view prior to writing. What are the characteristics of the hiring process that are biased? Are these appropriate characteristics to become a firefighter? Could this person save his comrade in a dangerous situation where lives are on the line? Does this person know enough about fire science to determine what is possibly safe when entering a burning building? Does the person have prior experience fighting fires, such as forest fires? These are the criteria which should matter. Then the admonition of Dr. Martin Luther King would be recognized.

Jerry Udinsky

Is Oakland Really Going to Cut Pot Taxes This Time?, Chronic Town, Nov. 6

What Will They Cut?

According to the staff reports this will cut a hole in the budget of $4-9.6 million.How will that be handled?

ed gerber

Trump Administration Plan Allows Delta Water Managers to Kill Off Winter-Run Chinook Salmon, News, Nov. 6

What Is a Wild Salmon?

Are there any wild fish left? After decades of producing hatchery fish how can we say that winter run salmon are wild? How has the introduction of a non native species of fish (Stripers) by the CDF&W hurt overall salmon production in the Sacramento and Feather River system? Are pumps along the Sacramento and Feather Rivers measured for amounts pumped by farmers? If not, why not?

Would the placement of more hatchery facilities increase the overall productivity of reared smolts in the Delta? What effect does ocean fishing have on overall production of salmon vs hatchery fish, through all life stages of summer-, spring- and winter-run salmon?

Les Nicholson

The Clock is Ticking at Point Molate (Feature), Nov. 13

About That Housing at Point Molate

Where is the info on the federal judge ordering Richmond to build at least 670 units as part of the lawsuit settlement?

Eric Doziér

This article doesn't even mention the federal judge's orders. Richmond either uses it or loses it. If the author "researched this thoroughly" why isn't that mentioned??????

Sandra Davenport

I'd like to correct one of my quotes in this very thorough and well-researched article. I mentioned a new waterfront development in Pt. Richmond that I implied wasn't selling well. My information came mostly from agent hearsay and I hadn't done a recent market analysis on that development prior to speaking with the reporter. I've since heard from a homeowner there who says their property has increased in price by $400K over the past year and the project is filling up, which is great news for that community. I stand corrected and want to apologize to the homeowners and the developer of Waterline since I seem to have mischaracterized the situation over there.

On the other hand, I've had many years to consider all the angles at Pt. Molate, starting with several years sitting on the City of Richmond's Point Molate Citizens Advisory Committee. I stand by my professional opinion that the combination of hazards, climate change exigencies, inaccessible location/lack of amenities and costs for infrastructure (and the opportunity cost of not concentrating development where it's really needed) make Pt. Molate an unsuitable location for housing. The real benefit to the city would be to develop and preserve the land as a community resource as so many Richmond residents have said they want.


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