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Letters for the Week of September 16, 2015

Readers sound off on public transit, police misconduct, and racial inequality.


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Who a similar individual might be here in California is hard to say, as it appears that Cincinnatus didn't have much of an ego, always resigning his position just as soon as the mess was cleared. But whomever we pick, you just know he or she is going to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the greater Bay Area metropolitan region and then propose something along the lines of a Bay Area-wide Economic Parity Improvement Bond to help realign all our cities and their sub-districts so that the more obvious enclaves of poverty (that only some communities possess) either do not exist anymore or can at least be made more viable as a contributing and energetic partner in the otherwise bustling trade and commerce that our overall Bay Area economy enjoys.

If a city like, say, Oakland has a debt-to-revenue ratio far greater than its sister cities and could benefit budget-wise by receiving, albeit conditionally, some of that bond's proceeds to help remediate indebtedness, it'd go a long way toward redirecting revenue streams to needed projects like Coliseum City or fixing up the Undermaze. Then the economic promise of Oakland could be released from its stranglehold and allowed to flourish at the same pace as, say, Cupertino or some other community that doesn't have anywhere near the same barriers to economic development.

It's time to take the shrill, squeaking hub of the larger Bay Area and true it up so that Black Lives Matter just as much as anyone else's around here.

Steve Lowe, Oakland


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