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Readers sound off on Nextdoor, racial profiling, and banking industry attorneys investigating Oakland councilmembers


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Vladislav Davidzon, Berkeley

Berkeley Is Acting Like a Criminal

Pick and choose the laws you obey. Isn't that exactly what criminals do? Like it or not, the City of Berkeley is within the boundaries of the United States of America, subject to US laws. If that city — or any other — chooses not to obey US immigration laws and defies enforcement, it is a city of criminals, advocating criminal behavior.

Pick and choose whether or not to feed a parking meter in Berkeley. Tear up the ticket — because, in Berkeley, California, you have the right to choose what laws are to be obeyed and which ones are to be ignored. Do so and find out how the "tolerant" City of Berkeley behaves when it comes to laws they choose to enforce.

William H. Thompson, Walnut Creek


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