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Letters for the Week of October 27

Readers sound off on Whoregate, the elections, Alameda inspections, an abundance of typos, and our old friends at Yelp.


"Whoregate Really Should Have Been Pensiongate," Seven Days, 10/13

Look It Up

This flap is ridiculous. The esteemed American Heritage Dictionary gives as sense 3 of 'whore': "a person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain," which could have been written with Ms. Whitman's behavior as to the law-enforcement unions and their demands as its model. Use of the word in that exact sense is commonplace and unexceptionable, and any claim to the contrary is either sheer ignorance or sheer partisanship.

Eric Walker, Ritzville, WA


The word "whore" is archaic and well ... basically biblical, used before the advent of "venture capitalism" and the rapacious modern corporate military democritized state we live in today. Calling someone in a top political position a whore in the 21st century in the US is like a calling an ancient Greek or Roman a "pedophile." If by the word whore we mean someone who sells themselves for profit at the risk of debasing their community and deceiving its constituency for the sake of benefiting themselves and the top 2 percent of the population, in my mind they're whores (a new concept of the word, eh). So guess what? Can a whole society be called whoreish? Maybe. Since basically that's the state we live in. Let's begin with starting our own state-owned banks?

Laurie Encinas, Oakland

"Old Guard or Fresh Face?" Feature, 10/6

Where's My Credit?

I stopped by the Quan headquarters and asked them basically what Joe Tuman proposes as the key question; if Quan is really about change, given her long public office service, why are we performing among the worst of any East Bay city? The staffers had no coherent answer, and just ended up asking that maybe I consider voting for her 2nd or 3rd on my ballot!

These candidates are by and large hard to get enthused about. While I've been posting for awhile that Tuman, Quan, and Kaplan voters should list each other one, two, and three and exclude Perata, is that really a fair thing for this writer to implicitly advocate? Tuman is clearly the best hope for a representative that would be a classy face to the city, and at this point he seems the strongest of the non-Perata three. Interesting to me that I posted in your comments section on Oct 6 that everyone opposed to Perata should vote Tuman, Kaplan, and Quan in whatever order they most prefer, then a week later your endorsement comes out suggesting EXACTLY THAT. Hmmm. ... Aren't there rules about proper acknowledgment you all follow?

Matthew Fraser, Oakland

Editor's Note

We came to our endorsement decision following interviews with Kaplan, Quan, and Tuman.

"The Dark Horses," News, 10/6

Arnold Fields 4 Historic Change. Oakland's Next Mayor Right Here, Right Now!!

Dear fellow Oakland residents. As you may know, I am a candidate for Oakland mayor. I would like to share with you my reasons I am running for mayor and why I am confident that I am the only choice for Oakland's next mayor.

I love this city and the only thing I love more is its people. I am an Oakland native, family man with three school-age children in public schools. I have been investing in Oakland my entire life. Oakland is at a crossroads! This is one of the most important elections we have had in years and the results of the election will have an impact on us for years to come. The last four, eight, and twelve years we have been bought and paid for and have got nothing in return! The last thing our city needs is another career-minded politician. Our career-minded politicians have proven to be one catastrophe after another. It is time to break free from the elitist agenda that has run our city into the ground. Our precious city needs a mayor who is a leader with a proven track record! I am the only candidate with a plan that is solid. I have been on a mission for 25 years restoring Oakland's existing infrastructure and creating affordable housing, small businesses, and an abundance of jobs. I have never torn anything down in our city or any other city!

Now we must unite our city to abolish corruption and cronyism, which is the cornerstone in turning our city around! The people hold the key to who our next mayor is, not corporations, unions, endorsements or special interest groups. You hold that key!

I could never imagine with all of our advanced technologies we would have so many people living and starving on the streets riddled with crime, compounded by an escalating number of high-school drop outs. This is unacceptable!

There are hundreds of situations where you have unjust politics being dished out by corrupt elitist within our city offices. I can no longer remain silent. By my silence I am giving consent to the madness within our city! Oakland is wasting billions of dollars on propaganda and division. This division is creating a culture of divide and conquer that must stop! As your mayor, my top priority will be to energize and reform our schools, public safety, and jobs and abate corruption within our city.

Sometimes we forget the importance of one voice. Yours! Your voice can make an enormous difference in all of our lives.

I would like to thank you again for giving me this opportunity to speak, and to listen to all of you and for the support you have shown me over the years. With people like you we can secure a safe prosperous and creative Oakland that is a beacon of love and hope for our city and set an example for the entire nation! Help me bring on historic change to the city we all love right here, right now!

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