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Letters for the Week of March 18, 2015

Readers sound off on the true nature of skateboarding, the Peralta Colleges, and local sports teams.


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The position that Covered California took in the hearing is that my petition for a backdated cancellation has been denied because there is no provision in the law for backdating a cancellation. The issue here is whether the ACA intended to preclude remediation procedures for citizens to accommodate call demand or technical shortfalls.

So here I am: a supporter of ACA faced with paying nearly $2,000 for a service that I neither needed nor used. It would be tragic if the story here were that the government intervened in the healthcare market place, ostensibly to save Americans from big, bad insurance companies, only to rip off the very consumers it purports to protect.

Stacey Manley, Oakland


Our March 11 news story "Another Bruising East Bay Campaign," misstated Joan Buchanan's campaign slogan. It's "Positively for Us" — not "Positively Joan."


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