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Letters for the Week of June 27

Readers sound off on Dianne Feinstein, Cafe Clem, and medical marijuana.


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Renee Masters, Buffalo

"Renting: It's Not for the Dogs," The Pets Issue, 6/6

The Allergies Argument

A good story. Sad about rent levels in this economy.

I do sympathize with people trying to rent with pets. And living with a pet can be very comforting. On the other hand, as a renter, I find the restrictions very beneficial. I am deathly allergic to cats. To give perspective of how bad it is, just think of one of the worst colds you have ever had, and that is how I end up when exposed to any place cats have lived — particularly any place with carpeting: instant respiratory distress for several days. It is hard for people without animal allergies to comprehend. I have had friends who don't get it and shoo their cat away, which is pointless. The dander and hair cats leave behind stays for many, many years. Dogs, no problem. Understood that my case is a bit extreme, but there are many people with this type of allergic condition.

So when I am looking for a place to live as I have been recently, I find it very helpful to look specifically for places posting "no pets allowed." The hard part is, when searching Craigslist for example, you can search on allows dogs or allows cats, but can't search on "no pets allowed."

Just a perspective on the article.

Tom Benkert, El Cerrito

"Texas Pity Twister," Movie Review, 5/16


"Texas Pity Twister"? Brilliant, Mr. Vance. Great to see one survivor still standing from the Express' glory days (whenever those happened to be).

Jack Mingo, Alameda


Our June 20 news story, "Damning Report of OPD," contained an error regarding the year in which the current OPD crowd-control policy was implemented. The correct year was 2004, not 2003.

In our June 20 Culture Spy, "He's a Legend," we got wrong the location where the movie My Breakfast with Blassie was filmed; it was the (unfortunately named) Sambo's, not Denny's.

In our June 20 cover story, "Turning Pot Into Medicine," we incorrectly stated that the first tincture Jason David gave his son Jayden was lower in CBD potency than the second one he gave him. We meant to say it was higher in CBD.