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Letters for the Week of December 29

Our most memorable letters of 2010.


Editor's Note

Each year we compile some of the memorable letters, phone calls, and press releases we received during the prior twelve months. In the interest of verisimilitude, all spelling, punctuation, and grammar are the writers' own.

What a Picture Is Worth

Re: 3/10/10 issue, page 54

My life seemed slow, plodding, anxious, dull and almost impossible to become comfortable with. Yet I was getting used to it being lackluster, loveless, isolated, even quietly desperate at times. But oh no! no you, the Express had to go and startle me, shake me, disturb me and I did awaken, somehow unreluctantly. Thumbing through the 3/10 issue, I grumbled audibly about "those wretches,": tiresome BIG DEVELOPERS posing as Green Corridor advocates with their riparian reveries and their downtown make-over fantasies. How come nobody knows the difference between the good guys and the bad guys here, I complained openly. And then I got to page 54, falling silently still while nothing around me mattered too much at all. The "1R" bus snorted up to me to board and then hurtled down Telegraph like an 18 wheeler on a cross country run, competing for lane space with several aggressive outlaw Harleys. So what. It was just me and the paper. Only. I was gazing down dreamily into the enchanting face of Michael Monroe, knowing that a picture (especially a good one) is worth a thousand words. I read and re-read... the accompanying article by D.G. de Rubio and realized that pathetically, I had picked up the paper too late in the week to go and see his music in San Francisco! However, the heart of the sleeping lioness has been stirred, quickened, and she cannot rest while that stunning cougar Monroe still roams the sweeping landscape. I mean, CRIKEY!!, lets move in slowly and carefully and have a closer look, shall we?

Tao Matthews

RE: 19


Bunch of junkys.

NO on Proposition # 19

Prole Rojas

Thought Policed

Two well documented acts of state-sponsored terrorism have occurred twice in Ohio within a year, yet the perpetrators have yet to see justice, and few media outlets have yet to report on it despite massive amounts of solid evidence.

I have an audio recording of the owner of a home surveillance store in Columbus, Al Smith, who said that he signed an affidavit for a woman who had a brain implant in her head after looking at her x-rays and testing for radio frequencies. The audio interview is available for free at under my blog, at the link "The Thought Police are Real in 2009." I also have a half-hour interview with Jeff Stibel, Chairman of Braingate, a company which makes brain implants. He confirms that this technology exists.

I have also posted several x-rays that clearly show the implant on the frontal lobe of one of the individuals. Both individuals stated that they were thought policed, with voices injected into their heads with the implants. Efforts were then made to declare the individuals mentally unfit to stand trial because of their assertions.

I know one of them personally, as a well known and respected scholar in the Athens, Ohio area. He continues to try to get his doctors to admit there is an object on his frontal lobe, pointing to it on the x-rays that you can see at, but his doctors have been given National Security Letters, and all they say is that everything looks normal. You can see the x-ray compared to an x-ray of a brain without a microchip, and you can clearly see the difference.

I need some x-ray technicians to step forward and contact me that there is an object in the x-ray. We also desperately need independent, investigative reporters, either at newspapers or as personal projects for the protection of our civil liberties, to look into this major violation of civil liberties. While there is no question that this technology exists, the scant media coverage about brain implants has allowed its abuse to go on unnoticed.

Such abuses will only get worse, and harder to detect with nanotechnology that is making miniaturized electronics, and brain-computer interface technology that is connecting these devices to people's brains.

Chad Kister

Desperately Seeking Doc

Hi my name is Mayling and i am looking for a voodoo doctor to help me. My ex boyfriend is casting spell over spell on me. please help me if you know of any voodoo doctor in the esat bay, thank you

Mayling Rivera

I Thirst Convenient Evenings

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