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Letters For the Week of Dec. 25-31

Feedback from readers on housing, climate change, and Richard Jewell.


Climate Change and Social Change, Feature, Nov. 20

Climate Plan Needs Review

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. I hope everyone will go to, read the City's draft plan, and comment on the deficiencies pointed out in this comprehensive article.


Richard Jewell: More food for thought from cinema's champion of outsiders, Movie Review, Dec. 11

Sensation-Seeking Liberty

Describing Kathy Scruggs character as, "an overly ambitious, sensation-seeking Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter that Special Agent Shaw happens to be personally interested in, picks up on something that Shaw idly drops in flirtatious conversation over cocktails," is so terrible and inaccurate. When are men ever described as being overly ambitious and flirtatious? This was a misleading SENSATION-SEEKING liberty taken by Eastwood and company to describe Kathy Scrubbs.

Nina Pine

Local Mayors Back Movement for Customer-Owned PG&E, Seven Days, Nov. 13

Careful What You Wish For With Takeover of PG&E

No doubt, the people at PG&E have mishandled their and our affairs for far too long. Seems to have gotten increasingly worse, and they look like Keystone Kops.

Having said that, please be very skeptical that our crack government bureaucracies will have the business know how to make everything all better.

Promises to save the ratepayers billions of dollars while shoring up infrastructure does not pass any kind of sniff test. Smells like BS to me.

Money is going to need to be invested to make up for all the neglect. It will cost the rate payers. No free pony. Maybe, we can sweep the forest floors to fix it all — hah!

Better and very tough oversight is definitely needed. But, I see no improvement in management acumen or magic dollars if a coalition of bureaucracies works with a very ineffective commission to takeover. Lets start with oversight that is tough and not cozy. The failure not really being talked about is the lack of effective commission oversight. Shine the light on them as brightly as it has been on PG&E management.

If a government fix sounds easy, then it is too good to be true.

Michael Good

What's Behind the Decline of the West Coast's Herring? News, Dec. 11

Fish Come, Fish Go

Then again, something similar happened in Pacific sardine fishery in the '60s. The claim of overfishing was made, the fishery shut down from 1967 to 1986 when it rebounded, and again there is a decline. It turns out there is a natural ebb and flow to that population.

Bruce Ferrell

A Soulful Page From the American Songbook, Music, Nov. 27

He's An Inspiration

Tony Lindsey, whom I've met several times, has always been an inspiration to me and hundreds of musicians here in the Bay Area and will always be loved for his hometown feel and generosity towards all musicians and audiences.

Anthony Fulgar

A New Restaurant Critic's First Year in Review, Restaurant Review, Nov. 13

Food AND Culture

Have loved following your reviews. Not only do I get an excellent description of tasty food, I also get introduced to the culture of the people who make the food!


Larry Reid is Retiring From the Oakland City Council,Seven Days, Nov. 20

24 Years of Reids is Plenty

24 years of representing our district is quite enough. We may be satisfied or dissatisfied with what Larry [Reid] has done for the district over those years. But certainly nothing in his record is so special that it suggests we ought to hand over the next 24 years to a member of his family. If anything, District 7 has seen the least improvement over those past 24 years compared to other parts of the city. where great change is well under way. Larry will now retire as a recipient of the massive pension hike that the council passed in 2004. By voting for that huge hike, Larry gave himself a 35 percent pension hike while at the same time setting up the city budget for deficit after deficit as the mandated contributions carve out an extra $20 million from daily services ... which must be paid to CalPERS. (That extra $20 million is over and above the prior years' mandated contributions). Back in 2004, the council never calculated what the overnight 35 percent boost in pensions would end up costing, as it yanks dollars out of street paving, parks, library. Now we are going to be asked to pass on the same thinking his daughter will bring to the city issues. Does only one family deserve to hold this office? Enough is enough. District 7 deserves some new and imaginative thinking.

Dan de'Data


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