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Letters for the Week of August 29, 2012

Readers sound off on the OPD, Art Murmur, and Missouri Lounge.


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Jeff Hoffman, Berkeley

Why We Elected You

Ms. Feinstein, if Point Reyes is to be a true national park above and below water, then the oyster farms (which I love) and, definitely, the dairy cattle ranches need to go! Killing native species such as tule elk in a federally protected area makes no sense. Haven't we decimated their range enough? Get your head out of the orifice of your special interest groups and take the moral high ground; that's why I elected you!

Randy Monroe, Concord

"If You Liked Citizens United, You'll Love Prop 32," Opinion, 8/8

A One-Two Punch

John Logan got it right. Prop 32 is the second of the one-two punch to emasculate labor unions' political power and to further empower anonymous big money Super PACs that were made possible by the disgusting Citizens United decision of the Bush appointee-dominated Supreme Court.

Unions do not apply political pressure anonymously or indirectly. They support candidates and causes with direct contributions. If unable to do this, they are essentially banned from the political process now dominated by the conservative Super PACs.

Vote no on Prop 32.

Don Link

Candidate for Oakland City Council District 1

"OPD: Worst In the State," Seven Days, 8/8

So-Called Left-Wing Media

So the Express advocates a federal government takeover of policing in Oakland. Would that be the US military, which polices the world with drones and bombs and torture no matter whether Republicans or Democrats are in office? Lots of other police departments and cities are hard up, and we hear about one outrageous "rogue" racist cop incident after another. Will those departments be taken over also?

Pretty soon we might have just one federal police force for the country. Like a KGB or a gestapo. Homeland Security is already giving police departments military tanks.

Your article points out that the problems could stem from cops not living in Oakland and not having a stake in the city. But where would a federal police force come from? Are you not defeating your own argument? Is it really so impossible to get to the bottom of this corruption on a local level? Somebody has to be responsible. Or is this the corporate solution that is wanted by the rich and powerful?

I used to wonder how fascism could take over a country. It takes an uncritical public and a compliant media — and that goes for so-called "left-wing media," too.

Vivian Warkentin, Berkeley


The caption in our 8/22 Culture Spy, "The Hidden World of Design," incorrectly stated that Roman Mars raised $170,000 in 24 hours; he actually raised $42,000 in one day.

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