Let's Talk About Sex, Baby



Specifically: That which you are having (or possibly not having. Or wish you were having. Or had one time and maybe regret a little. &c.). As part of our annual Sex Issue, which hits newsstands/computer screens on February 13, we're looking to talk to readers about all the myriad ways they experience sex, courtship, love, and sexual identity in the East Bay. That means we want to know all about your terrible dates, your unconventional relationship setups, your evolving sexual identities — you name it, we want to hear it; the goal is to paint a full and vivid picture of all the diversity here in the East Bay. So holler at us if you please at 510-879-3738 or Ellen.Cushing at EastBayExpress.com. Everything can, of course, be anonymous (though you're welcome to use your name if you want!).