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Legion of Bloom Terrapen Vaporizer Hits Smooth And Looks Slick.


As the science of medical cannabis continues to develop — a process that will hopefully speed up with legalization — we will probably see an increased ability to isolate and amplify specific elements that treat specific symptoms. The Terrapen from Legion of Bloom ($77) already boasts such specific therapeutic benefits.

According to their website, the Terrapen is a “vape line with the therapeutic cannabis terpene profiles. … Terpenes add to the synergistic effect to form a trilogy of active compounds collectively known as the entourage effect.” Ever since that horrible Entourage movie, that’s one of my trigger words, and it generally causes me to run screaming from the room, but in this context it feels reassuring.

The line of Terrapen products come in four different styles with four distinct therapeutic benefits: RE:Lieve for pain, RE:Lax for sleep, RE:Vive to energize and RE:Zen for mental clarity. We were given a RE:Zen cartridge to sample, which may have just been our editors trying to send us a message.

Even if we can’t be certain that the RE:Zen is “a potent mental enhancer,” we are certain that it’s a quality product, and the cartridge hits very smoothly out of the pearl white pen. It’s not the most flavorful of vapes, but Legion of Bloom also makes other cartridges that target your taste buds rather than your mental clarity.

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