Legalization Report: Arizona Surges as SF and Mendo Take Steps Backward



Two more setbacks in the fight to regulate and control medical marijuana distribution:

Mendocino County Supervisors stopped their growing permit program Tuesday under threat of federal lawsuit. The program collected more than $600,000 for the Sheriff's Office in its first year. Mendo is going back to the old system of unregulated gardens, capped at 25 plants.

And San Francisco has flip-flopped, suspending dispensary permitting due to a court case, then starting it again for a day, before suspending it indefinitely yesterday. "All medical cannabis dispensary permit applications are on hold indefinitely, until the city can 'receive assurance that it is in compliance with state and federal law,' Chris Roberts of SF Weekly writes.

Meanwhile in Arizona- the state's 125 dispensaries and farms are scheduled to begin opening by summer. What's great is Arizona Governor Jan Brewer tried to use a federal judge to stop the state's voter-approved program, but the judge wouldn't let her. And Colorado's 800 or so medical cannabis centers are also on track. Isn't selective enforcement great?!

A Mission District dispensary under construction. SFs last?
  • David Downs
  • A Mission District dispensary under construction. SF's last?