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Legal Limbo

Abel Manzo says he has been wrongfully put on Oakland's gang injunction list. But he has no constitutional right to an attorney.



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When asked whether he thought gangs were predominantly responsible for the crime in North Oakland, Russo said: "I don't know the answer to that. I don't think we thought about that. What we thought about was, here's this law that every other city uses and believes to some extent has helped with crime."

When asked if there was a gang problem in East Oakland, Manzo said, "Ah, probably, yeah. There probably is a gang problem in East Oakland." But he said the solution is to provide "jobs and do things for these kids, and get them off the streets. It's kind of hard to go get a job when you're on probation and got a felony [conviction]."

It might also make it hard to get a job when you're on the gang injunction list. The list is available to the public on the city attorney's website for any employer to see.

An Alameda County court is scheduled to take up Oakland's proposed injunction against the alleged Norteno gang members this Friday. There also is another gang injunction planned for deep East Oakland to be announced in February.

Correction: The original version of this story erroneously stated that one person had been convicted of violating the North Oakland gang injunction. According to city attorney spokesman Alex Katz, no one has.

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