Lawyer: UC May Be Liable in David Halberstam's Death


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A lawyer for the family of revered journalist and author David Halberstam says the University of California may be liable in Halberstam's recent death, according to a story in the online version of Editor & Publisher magazine. The lawyer, Martin Garbus, told the magazine that Kevin Jones, the journalism grad student driving Halberstam to Palo Alto after an appearance at Cal, had acted "negligently" and "recklessly." That UC employees had solicited a student driver for Halberstam may make them liable, he said. (UC contests this view.) The crash occurred when Jones turned left at a traffic signal, and a car going the other way slammed in his vehicle, killing Halberstam and injuring Jones. Recent media reports have quoted the other driver as insisting he had a green light, while Jones referred questions to his attorney. Garbus told E&P that, based on witness accounts, he believes Jones ran a red light and made an illegal left turn. He said he did not know whether Halberstam's widow would attempt to take any legal action.