KronnerBurger Flagship Restaurant May Launch in Oakland



Confirming long-reported rumors, burger maestro Chris Kronner said he’s actively seeking to expand KronnerBurger — currently a permanent pop-up restaurant that shares a space with the San Francisco nightclub Bruno’s — to Oakland.

Kronner, who lives in Oakland, told me he’s currently considering two locations on Broadway, one in Temescal and the other Uptown. Either spot would house a full, stand-alone restaurant and bar, not a pop-up. Of crucial importance is the fact that both spaces are large enough for Kronner to be able to grind the beef for his burgers in-house — a process that requires a big enough dedicated walk-in meat refrigerator for him to hang and dry-age whole sides of beef.

Via Facebook.
  • Via Facebook.
The former Bar Tartine chef said his intention has always been to create a replicable model for the KronnerBurger brand, and the proposed Oakland location would be his flagship restaurant. Kronner said he might make a decision about the two spaces under consideration at as early as this week, but in either case a full build-out would be required. In other words, East Bay burger connoisseurs shouldn’t expect the new KronnerBurger to open its doors for at least six months.

As these things go, nothing — including the Oakland destination — is set in stone.

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