Rated R 2005

Were it not for the subtitles, this Hungarian film would be virtually guaranteed instant cult status à la Swingers or Trainspotting. Set in the tunnels of the Budapest subways, it follows the day-to-day adventures of undercover ticket inspectors. Initially, it plays like a thriller, as a threatening hooded figure is wandering about pushing people in front of trains. But there's plenty of humor too, especially from our hero Bulcsú (Sándor Csányi) and his co-worker Muki (Csaba Pindroch), a narcoleptic who falls asleep every time he becomes really agitated. There's also action and macho rivalry, some of it involving a tagger named Bootsie (Bence Mátyási), who lives to provoke the Kontroll workers, and some involving Bulcsú's ongoing feud with spoiled rival Gonzo (Balázs Lázár), which culminates in a deadly race against an oncoming train. If you're into metaphorical readings, there are all kinds of references to purgatory and theology, but the story works on a literal level too.




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