Kirstie Alley Ate 27,000 Calories a Day?



"An editorial in Friday's paper incorrectly stated that Florida Cresswell, a candidate for state representative in the 28th District, was convicted in 1999 of battery and stealing Tupperware. In fact he was convicted of stealing a battery from a van as well as Tupperware that was inside the van."

"IN AN ITEM in yesterday's paper on how Kirstie Alley lost 75 pounds, it was incorrectly stated that she 'ate . . . Twenty-six, seven, eight thousand calories a day.' The correct figures are six, seven, eight thousand calories a day."

"A headline on Page One on Saturday should have made clear that Oregon Health & Science University will be studying the effects of meth, not cooking it. The headline in question? 'State's latest meth cook: OHSU.' "

All this and much more from's "Crunks '06: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections."