Kid Cudi Quits Weed, Releases 'Marijuana' Video


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"Lonely Stoner" Kid Cudi allegedly quit weed April 1, saying "I'm happy being sober." But a poet's gotta eat. So out comes the video for single "Marijuana" today, off Nov. 9 release Man on the Moon Vol. 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager. Shot by Shia LaBeouf, of Transformers, the video documents Cudder's trip to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup of 2010.

KID CUDI - MARIJUANA from Grassy Slope on Vimeo.

Things have gotten too busy since then apparently, what with the fallout from some cocaine-fueled violence last June.

"I'm 27 with a business to run. I'll leave it to the kids," he wrote on his web site. "This is not a joke. I know most of you wanna see me all drugged out and fucked up and I know misery loves company, but I'm sorry those days are over. I had a good run, Amsterdam and all. ... I'm not your puppet or your tap dancing drug addict here to be your miserable muse." ... unless it's to milk out one more single.

Aaaanyways. In other news, the Netherlands considers banning all wannabe Cudis from their famed coffee shops.