Ken Macha and Dick Cheney: Separated at Birth?



When a sports team is truly dreadful, there are vultures. The Oakland Raiders are the best current proof of this axiom, with Sunday's withering New York Times account of the team's woes serving as a must-read example. But if a team is doing well, the news out of that team's locker room isn't always as revealing as the journalism we get about government, business, or other realms of human endeavor. Consider the Oakland A's, which apparently were long troubled by the poor communication skills of manager Ken Macha. After hearing only small hints of such matters during the season, we suddenly learned this week that Macha hardly spoke to several members of his team. It all made for compelling reading, starting with Susan Slusser's accurate prediction of Macha's ouster in Monday's Chronicle. But why didn't anyone write about this during the season?