Just Announced: Mos Def Above the Rim; Two Gallants Sail Cheese Sea; Oracle moved to Dark Side of the Moon


hitchhikers-history-18.jpg First off, we got All Star Warriors' Guard Baron Davis' 28th Birthday Bash with Mos Defand friends Sunday, April 15. 9 p.m, $20. Tickets at GrooveTickets.com

Second: Les Claypool picked up Two Gallants for a show Friday, June 29, at The Warfield. 8 p.m., $28.50. New Two Gallants EP and LP on the way.

Lastly: Pink Floyd's Roger Waters performs Dark Side of The Moon in its entirety Tuesday, June 19 at the ORACLE Arena. 8 p.m., $135 (goddamn!), $89.50, and $49.50. ------End Transmission -