Juneteenth Festival Dead in Berkeley



Jeez, what a drag. After 21 years, the Oakland Tribune reports, the committee that organizes the annual South Berkeley Juneteenth Festival has quietly decided to kill the party. Juneteenth, which celebrates the moment slaves in Galveston first learned of the Emancipation Proclamation, has been a fixture along the Adeline/Alcatraz corridor for more than two decades, and greeting the summer with sausage and funk has always been one of the city's real treats. But following several shooting incidents last year, city officials demanded more security for future parties, and it looks like the organizers just couldn't pull it together. In April, festival organizer Sam Dyke sent an email to the city, announcing that Juneteenth wouldn't happen this year. Read the whole piece for a nice round of finger-pointing, and hope that everyone figures out how to throw a party in time for 2009.