Juhu Beach Club Chef Plots a Cookbook-Memoir


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Mistry (right) with her wife Ann Nadeau. - BERT JOHNSON/FILE PHOTO
  • Bert Johnson/File photo
  • Mistry (right) with her wife Ann Nadeau.
One of the ways you know you’ve made it as a chef is when you land that high-profile cookbook deal. In that regard, Oakland’s top cooks have been acquitting themselves quite well: Camino co-owners Russ Moore and Allison Hopelain got a James Beard nomination for their 2015 cookbook, This Is Camino, and at this very moment, probably, James Syhabout is hard at work on the Hawker Fare-themed cookbook he’s collaborating on with Oakland food writer (and former Express restaurant critic) John Birdsall.

Next up to bat: Preeti Mistry, chef-owner of Juhu Beach Club — Temescal’s popular, hot-pink purveyor of curries and Mumbai-style pavs (aka “Indian sliders”). Mistry just announced that she’s working on a cookbook entitled My Indian, which she’ll co-write with Berkeley-based food writer Sarah Henry. According to the announcement Mistry sent out, the book will include 100 recipes from “the out-loud, mohawked, queer chef who has translated the homemade shaaks and rotis of her childhood into a fresh and modern Indian cuisine all her own.”

When reached via email, Mistry said My Indian will fall loosely in the cookbook-memoir genre, with stories about her personal history in addition to recipes. The outspoken chef also hasn’t been shy in the past about calling out the restaurant industry for institutional racism and sexism, so it’s probably fair to assume that she'll be blunt and to the point when telling her life story too.

The book is slated to be released by Running Press Publishing, most likely in the spring of 2018.