Judge May Not Let Cops’ Union Intervene



The Oakland police union is attempting to intervene in a court process that could lead to OPD becoming the first department in the nation to be put in federal receivership. Attorney Michael Rains, who represents the union, is asserting in court papers that the police union should be involved because a federal receiver likely would have the power to discipline Oakland cops involved in misconduct.

  • Henderson
John Burris and Jim Chanin, who represented the victims of the rogue Oakland cops known as The Riders and who are now pushing for federal receivership, oppose the Oakland police union’s attempts to intervene. And if past rulings are any indication, federal Judge Thelton Henderson, who oversees the court process, may agree with Burris and Chanin. In a court ruling last month, Henderson reiterated his stance that the police union has only limited standing in the matter, because it was not a party to the original court-approved settlement between the City of Oakland and The Riders’ victims.