Jonathan Mann Assails Virginia Policy of Transvaginal Ultrasounds



Even in the calculatingly self-promotional medium of Internet video-making, it's really hard to just make something go viral. But Song-a-Day producer and former East Bay Express intern Jonathan Mann has better luck than most, perhaps because he's consistently topical and unimpeachably charming. Maybe it's because he knows how to pimp key words — like "vagina" and "Virginia" — or maybe it's his gift for alliteration. Whatever the case, Raw Story writer Stephen C. Webster declared Mann's "Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds" video a sure viral hit. It pertains to the current debate over a GOP-sponsored bill that would require doctors to perform unnecessary external ultrasounds on any woman requesting an abortion in Virginia.

The bill is somewhat toned down from its original version, which would have required a more invasive vaginal probe. Mann insists it's "still crappy" — if not quite as crappy as he thought. "So I still think that this song stands," he said. "Damn you, Virginia."