John Russo Is Right About the A's



Readers of these pages know we haven't always seen eye-to-eye with Oakland's city attorney, but John Russo's op-ed in today's Tribune is on the money. Russo rightly calls out A's co-owner Lew Wolff for disingenuously claiming that the team had "exhausted (its) time and resources over the years" with the City of Oakland. Anyone who has followed the process knows that Wolff never looked seriously at Oakland before his failed side trip to Fremont. Our only quibble: Russo didn't put all of the blame for Oakland not having a downtown ballpark where it belonged. Sure, the A's never stepped forward to back the downtown stadium plan. But it was then-Mayor Jerry Brown who killed it in favor of a now mostly empty apartment complex. The question now is - who among city leaders will step up to the plate to make sure the team doesn't leave for good. Mr. Russo?