John Burris Will Seek Criminal Charges Against Oakland Cop



John Burris, the Oakland attorney who has specialized in police brutality cases and briefly hit the big time as a legal expert during the O.J. Simpson trial, says he will seek criminal charges against an Oakland cop who fatally shot a motorist early Friday morning. Officer Hector Jimenez, a young cop who also fatally shot a man last December, chased Mack Woodfox after reportedly noticing he was speeding and driving erratically. According to the Oakland Tribune, Police Chief Wayne Tucker said Woodfox got out of the car and ran, and Jimenez claims he fired after Woodfox made a sudden movement toward the waistband of his pants. But according to Shamika Steele, who sat in the car with Woodfox, the cops just started blasting as Woodfox had his hands up.