Jerry Leads Republicans, but Gavin Doesn't



State Attorney General Jerry Brown has a comfortable lead over each of the three leading Republican candidates for governor, according to a new Rasmussen poll. However, the other top Democratic candidate in the race, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, trails all three GOP hopefuls by at least four percentage points, according to the poll. Newsom's problem is that he has the highest unfavorable ratings of the five leading candidates, possibly because of his aggressive stance on same-sex marriage.

The poll, which was conducted late last week, shows that the former Oakland mayor is running ahead of Meg Whitman by nine points, Steve Poizner by thirteen points, and Tom Campbell by ten points. By contrast, Newsom trails Whitman by five, Poizner by four, and Campbell by six. In terms of favorable/unfavorable ratings, Newsom is the only one of the five candidates in which a greater percentage of respondents viewed him unfavorably - 44 percent - than favorably - 41 percent.