Jerry Brown Sweeps Scandal Under the Rug



State Attorney General Jerry Brown has closed an investigation into the illegal taping of journalists' phone calls by his now former spokesman, according to the Los Angeles Times. Brown office's investigation concluded that ex-spokesman Scott Gerber taped at least six phone calls by reporters after being told by attorneys in the office not to do it. Brown maintains that Gerber even taped Brown's conversations with reporters without his knowledge - although that's a bit hard to believe.

Brown's office concluded that even though state law prohibits recording people without their consent, Gerber didn't break the law because reporters should have no expectation of privacy. It will be interesting to see, however, what determination Brown makes about the apparent illegal taping of ACORN employees by right-wing operatives earlier this year. Brown's office is currently investigating the matter.

According to the Times, Brown comes off as a blowhard in the tapings, tearing into one reporter for asking questions about the huge donations he has solicited for his Oakland charter schools, while boasting about why he's superior to Hilary Clinton in another interview and then cozying up to a reporter in a third in the hopes of being quoted prominently in a story about Anna Nicole Smith.