Jerry Brown Sues Pleasanton


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California Attorney General Jerry Brown sued the City of Pleasanton, alleging that its 1996 law that caps the total number of homes in the city violates state law, according to the Chron. Pleasanton is on the verge of approving a plan that calls for another 45,000 jobs within city limits, but no new housing. Brown alleges that the cap on housing forces workers to live elsewhere, thereby adding to suburban sprawl and worsening greenhouse gas emissions. We have to applaud Brown on this one; he appears to be right on the money.

In addition, affordable housing advocates have opposed Pleasanton's law for years, saying the city refuses to accommodate the workers employed there. They're right, and the solution appears to be fairly simple. Pleasanton should relax its law and begin planning for a housing/transit village, featuring dense workforce housing near its BART station.