Jeff Frankel's "Ballad of Sarah Palin"

Sarah Palin Song Competition



To the tune of "The Ballad of Jed Clampett", from The Beverly Hillbillies: Revised lyrics: Come and listen to a story bout a woman named Sarah A VP candidate who I bet will really scare ya The republicans were desperate for a counter to Obama So they went up to Alaska and they got a hockey mama

You betcha! Drill Baby Drill!

Well the first thing ya know old Sara's in de-bait She and John McCain swore that their change was really first-rate But Sarah and her pal want to tax health benefits And this is just a prelude to more years of Bush-like s**t

Billions for the oil companies Cushy CEO pay!

Now Sarah's daughter Bristol's got a baby in the oven The typical result of birth control-less redneck lovin Bristol said "abstinence is the way to go for me" Now a White house shotgun wedding would be a spectacle to see Bridesmaids with Mullets Snowmobiles on the White house lawn

Now the moral of this story, as if you could not guess A vote for John and Sarah would just worsen up the mess Barack O. and Joe B. are the candidates for me To lead this country where it should be - back to peace/prosperity