Jean Quan Apologizes for the Twitter Fiasco



It’s been a long, strange trip, but Oakland’s Mayor-elect Jean Quan has apparently decided to dial back her controversial Twitter activity.

During the mayoral election, Quan used Twitter primarily as an occasional organizing apparatus, and she tweeted only a couple times a week. Then, after Quan’s win, the account changed its tactics and tone dramatically, spewing out some 544 tweets — many of which were unrelated to Oakland — in the fifteen days between November 10 and 25. It was enough to earn her the ire of a few followers and make some ask if she’d already begun alienating constituents before even being sworn in — not to mention providing considerable fuel for parody account @FakeJeanQuan. Last week, we wrote about the flap, and yet more people chimed in in the comments and on Twitter expressing their frustration.

And then: silence. Between last Saturday and this morning, there was nothing. For an account that had been previously tweeting about 36 times a day, it was odd, to say the least. Now, the mayor-elect has issued an apology, tweeted about an hour ago on her feed:

“Our apologies for the past 'over-tweeting.' We’re experimenting with social media to serve Oakland. Sometimes we miss. We’ll get this right!”

Journalism in the public interest, y’all.

Full disclosure: This reporter has now re-followed Quan on Twitter. #obama #blockxblock