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JC Garrett

When: June 24-July 25 2009

Marketing mavens first joined political campaigns in the 1960s,and forty years later we now enjoy the seamless integration between messages selling us soap, sex, snobbery, salvation, and security; Huxley's consumerist paradise of feelies, orgy-porgy, and centrifugal bumble-puppy (i.e., entertainment, sex and sports) masks the nastier, unseen Orwellian realities of Empire. JC Garrett's colorful digital prints combine commercial visual flair with scathing satire, his ironically cheery 1960s montage style pillorying Bush, Cheney, and Rice in recent years to good effect. Here, pondering possible eco-collapse due to human stupidity, he finds new exemplars of what he terms "the human epidemic:" the flirtatious, vacuous Palin surrounded by voluptuous feline cuties and leering wolves; a former Nazi who now is saved, and serves as savior; strongmen Brezhnev, Mugabe and Fujimori; and, ringed by starlet sex bombs and six-pointed nuclear stars, the pious man of the people and cheat (deja vu!) Ahmadinejad.Through July 25 at Inferno Gallery (4401 San Leandro St., Oakland) or (415) 336-6831.

DeWitt Cheng

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