Jason and Jayden David's Story Takes Flight



The Los Angeles Times has followed up on reporting by the East Bay Express and the documentary Weed Wars, in a very thorough look at Modesto father Jason David's use of cannabidiol to treat his son Jayden's rare form of epilepsy, called Dravet Syndrome.

Cannabidiol is a therapeutic molecule found in marijuana, and the federal crackdown on medical cannabis dispensaries threatens patients' access to CBD and the recovery of his son, David said. David is a Harborside Health Center member. The club's leased property is being seized in federal court by U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag.

With 4,200 Facebook likes, 192 retweets, 90 comments and syndication across the country, Lee Romney's story in the Times, illustrated with photos and video, is guaranteed to strengthen the resolve of those fighting for access to the life-saving drug.

Jason and Jaydens journey continues
  • Luis Sinco | Los Angeles Times
  • Jason and Jayden's journey continues

"Studies have shown THC is 'overwhelmingly anticonvulsant' in animals, said Dr. Ben Whalley, a researcher at Britain's University of Reading, but CBD and some other non-psychoactive cannabinoids have shown similar effects without the mind-altering downside.

In a human trial during the 1970s, researchers found that four of the eight subjects who received large doses of CBD remained almost free of epileptic seizures, while three others improved. More recently, Whalley and his colleagues published results of an animal study that strongly supported CBD "as a therapeutic candidate for a diverse range of human epilepsies."

Federal policy banning marijuana products appears to directly harm children such as Jayden, and history shows that cases like his yank on heartstrings and can lead to more states joining the 17 already allowing medical use of the drug.