Jack O'Connell: Throw Another $3 Billion on the Fire, Boys



Maybe you've heard that California's got a $17 billion budget deficit, the governor is suing the controller for the right to wipe out the paychecks of 200,000 state employees, and basic government services are in danger of collapsing? Yeah, well, make that a $20 billion budget deficit. Yesterday, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell said that if he's going to fulfill the state legislature's new requirement that all public school students be tested in algebra by the eighth grade, he's going to need anther $3 billion for smaller math classes, more class time, one-on-one counseling, you name it. We say screw it: math only gives you nightmares. For example, the more math you know, the better you understand how truly catastrophic the budget crisis is. Who needs that headache? Now, what's on TV?